2005 D8 Windows To Open gathering

D8 Windows To Open gathering

Dear Friends of All Colors from the Civil Society,

We have a few friends who will be coming from the States for the resistance struggles against the WTO. Openning up windows, they would like to meet up with and get to know the local people/groups/organisations and their struggles and to share with us their experiences, thoughts and feelings in their struggles.

During the actions week in resistance of the WTO, they would like to help/collaborate/participate with us in the resistance struggles against the WTO!

Therefore, we would like to hold a get-together gathering
at 8:00 p.m.  onwards
on 8 December (Thu)
at the Rooftop of the Social Movement Resources Centre, HKFS (aka 8A),
Kam Lun Building, 739 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon
so that, windows will be openned for everyone to join with everyone.

Please join us on the night, so that we can share our dreams and visions for a world of all colors and possibly join our hands in the struggles against the common threat to us all, the WTO!

A brief description of our friends. They are engaged in various struggles and issues with various approaches, namely, visual art, puppets, street theatre, non-violent direct action, community buildings, sustainable developments, migrant rights, racial issues, queer and gender issues, gay movements, transsexual rights, grassroots mobilization and struggles.

Two of them into art and theatre have actually wrote a brief bio introducing themselves, please scroll down for their own intros.

Solidarity in Resistance,

P.S. Please bring your food and drinks and smokes and especially your struggling heart!