2008 we are all migrants

2008, we said hello to the sisters nearby queen’s pier :

we are all migrants


hello, magandang hapon (good afternoon)

me and my friends are from auto8a the social movement resource centre of the hong kong federation of students

since the wto mc6 in hong kong and earlier in 2005, we have met and were inspired by friends from the migrants community of your solidarity and struggles
and in the late struggle for peoples’ space at the star ferry and queen’s pier, we came to know you and shared the space and our stories together

although we are the so-called “local” chinese, but we people from auto8a don’t see it that way.  we believe that the true “local” should embrace all those who laboured the land and worked hard so that the local could prosper and the prosperity could be mutually shared

also, we acknowledge the fact that we ourselves are descendants of or ourselves actually being migrants from various areas of mainland china.  and in your struggle against the discriminative policies of the government, we felt that one of the obstacles is that your voices and stories have always been marginalized and not delivered to the general public.

therefore, like what we said in the rally of the international migrants’ day in december, last year
this is not your struggle that we are joining, this is our struggle together, c’os this is the struggle of the peoples from below, for dignity and justice and we hope we could become the vehicle of your voices and your stories to the chinese speaking community.

c’os we are all migrants and we are the peoples, from below.