2013年 第十一屆香港社會運動電影節

introduction to the 11th hong kong social movement film festival


have you heard these voices?

member of a venezuelan grassroot cooperative, ‘We are inventing our own system and here there’s only one leader, and that leader is called the people. If this process can’t transcend the figure of Hugo Chavez…then we would have achieved nothing.’

a citizen, “july 2001, offspring of hong kong citizen, yau kong man (邱廣文), left his last words, saying that he was useless, and he’ll pay back his parents love in the next life. then he went to the hillside of wan tau tong estate in tai po, and committed suicide with poisonous drugs.

an jewelry worker worked at a factory owned by a boss from hong kong in mainland china, “there were only seventy-some to eighty of us workers in the factory, if you stand at one corner and look towards the opposite corner, you won’t be able to clearly who that person is.”

a villager from choi yuen village, “we are not doing this just for ourselves. it is also to offer a reference for the non-indigenous villages whom will be struggling against the government. because this is unreasonable.”

an outsourced janitor migrated to france from africa, “we worked with the women staff of the hotel at the same place, but were treated differently. we were being seen as animals, we were even not allowed to talk to the hotel staff.”

a filippina lesbian migrant worker in taiwan, “it’s by number, mine and Bing’s are very far, so we don’t go together” (the employers picked up filippina workers only by numbers )

an russian girl affected by the chernobyl nuclear disaster, “i was illed since 7 years old, it’s systemic collagen disease, doctor said my organs would often have inflammation, i always felt pains in my heart.”

a little girl who supported the anti-WTO struggles, “if this world has no justice, then there will not be peace!”

a poet who suffered the pepper spray, “we had never arrived, there we will not leave.”

these, are the neglected voices of the globalised 21st century…….

for the last decades, the globalised capital plunder and loot for resources; destroy and demolish peoples’ lives and cultures; blindly proliferate nuclear power and causing terminal diseases because of radioactive contamination in many children when they were born; their industries also contaminate the ecology and caused serious harm to nature; they joined force with patriarchy and caused multiple suppression to peoples of other gender identities and sexual orientations; they changed the forms of production and employment to outsourcing, pseudo self-employment, etc. to make the workers bear the risks; they instigate hatred between ethnic and national identities to cause more discriminations to the marginalised and the powerless of the societies; they overwhelmingly promote “Public” opinion wide and far to label various egalitarian economies as inefficient, valueless and unsustainable…….

in this context, the 11th hong kong social movement film festival shall screen films closely connected with globalisation, to watch and share with you. let’s watch and appreciate the voices and visions documented by the films; feel and touch the thoughts and deeds of the activists; muse on the liberating paths of diversity. and then, step ahead their realizations together.

organising committee of the 11th hong kong social movement film festival
aug 2013