where do we go from here?

warcry must be drummed to give our all to win this final battle, some might say.
yet if we’d give our all to win the battle, what’d remain to tackle the war?

we’d exhausted all means and escalation will be the only way to fight for democracy, some
might say.
yet had we truly exhausted ourselves to see to it that all means had all been exhausted?

on further thought, what’s the battle? what’s the war? what’s escalation? what’s

to answer these questions, we believe that one could find a glimpse of it from the film, “voices omumur – voices from the occupy movement/umbrella movement/umbrella revolution” because of its; contents, context, concept and construct.

please check out the synopsis of it at: https://smrc8a.org/2016/1240/

after reading all these, if you’re wondering why one should revisit the history of lost at such dire time. than this is not for you, please do not waste your time any further and we are sorry that we’ve initiated that thus far. but if you found your reasons to revisit the lost history at such dire time, to probably caught a glimpse of where we came from and what were lost, and to pick it up again from there, and struggle to fight back from where you’ve fallen.

could it be just a licking of the old wounds and a waste of precious time? probably yes, but t could also be a thorough licking of the old wounds, to savour the anarcho-chaotic tastes of it, and to embrace what’s left of the rights and wrongs, to carry it on to move forward for the healing and hearing of the answers unheard!

if you’re interested to watch the film, please contact us at:
[email protected] and we will arrange with you to bring it to you for viewing and sharing and discussion afterwards, of which we treasure a lot.

also, if viewing of “voices omumur – voices from the occupy movement/umbrella movement/umbrella revolution” is to be in a group, we would prefer the group is to be not more than 7 person, if possible, for better chances of in-depth discussion and sharing.

occupy interview team and autonomous 8a